Does Coolsculpting really work?


Yes. It does.

We wouldn’t have purchased a machine if it didn’t.

First of all, what is Coolsculping?  It is a machine based on science discovered at Harvard.  It is a “fat freezer”.  You know the “freeze the fat” billboards you see on buses, that’s it!  Essentially, it freezes and permanently removes 30% of your fat.

It was found that after kids sucked on popsicles, the soft tissue of their cheek permanently went away.  This scientist found that by freezing tissue, it would force cells into apoptosis.  This is a fancy word for programmed cell death.  Meaning, freezing the tissues would cause these cells to die and go away. For. Good.

I have done it and love it.  It takes 1-2h per treatment session.  You usually need 2-3 sessions.  It is slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, but ends up being pretty relaxing.  Most people take a nap or watch a movie during their treatment.

People love it because there is no downtime, no needles and you go right back to what you were doing.  Want to run a marathon that evening, go for it.

It works for the fat under your chin, at your bra line, all over your abdomen, flanks, thighs, knee fat, etc.

Best candidates are those with fat that remains after diet and exercise.  We give free consults for coolsculpting, so it’s easy enough to come in to see if you are a candidate.

Hope that helps…

See you soon.

Dr. Keagle