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Jennifer Keagle, MD

Jennifer Keagle, MD

Aesthetic surgery is unique in the way our emotional desires for our body image are intertwined with our rational need for technical expertise.

When we consider our body image, we want compassion, insight and understanding from our doctor. When we consider our surgeon, we want a master technician with only the highest standards of medical training and care.

In selecting your aesthetic surgeon, you are wise to seek a balance between compassion and expertise, and Dr. Keagle’s unique qualifications are compelling:

One of the most credentialed of all plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area
One of the few double board-certified surgeons in the area
One of only a handful of plastic surgeons with ten years of postgraduate training
A diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and Plastic Surgery
One of only a few women working as plastic surgeons in Los Angeles
One of only a select few women who has completed the UCLA Craniofacial fellowship dedicated to helping children and adults with cleft lip and palate deformities

Dr. Keagle’s connection to Southern California began in Chicago, where she met her husband, a Los Angeles native, and earned her undergraduate and medical degrees at Northwestern University.

From there, she began ten years of postgraduate training, including residencies in both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

While at UCSF, she also studied the basic science and biology behind scar and wound healing in a two-year research fellowship funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The scene then changed to Westwood, where she was selected for the Craniofacial fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles.
The UCLA fellowship gives her an uncommon advantage in working on the face, along with precise knowledge of how facial appearance is affected by surgical procedures.

Working under the tutelage of Dr. Henry Kawamoto, she was only the third woman among more than two-dozen fellows in the program’s history to gain this intensive training and experience operating on the facial bones, soft tissue and skin.

Most recently, Dr. Keagle was an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she performed surgeries, taught fellows, residents and medical students, and received a Seattle Children’s Hospital grant for basic science research.
She and her family moved back to Southern California in 2008 to be closer to family.

As a working mother of two, Dr. Keagle understands the needs of professional parents and is eager to spend time with you to listen to your goals, understand your desires and customize your surgical plan. She also appreciates the demands on your time and believes that returning to your everyday life requires attention to detail.

Today, her practice is primarily at her cosmetic office at Good Samaritan Hospital, and she also spends several days a month working at the Cleft Palate clinic at White Memorial Hospital, where she performs face and jaw surgeries on children with cleft lip, palate and other congenital deformities.

Contact Dr. Keagle by email at drjnkeagle@gmail.com or by phone at 213-250-1300.

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